Exquis private fitness studio - mindful movement coaching

Our mission is to help you age exquisitely. You learn move correctly and smoothly and gain strength and endurance. You feel more confident and fulfilled after each session.

We offer one-on-one session as well as duet sessions. Our studio is equipped with 2 Pilates reformer+towers (Balanced body Allegro2), 2 Pilates chairs and 2 sets of suspension trainer (TRX). Using other props such as foam rollers, pilates arcs, dumbbells, etc, you  can experience various exercises suitable for your conditions and goals.
Specialized in restorative & corrective exercise and exercise therapy, Kuniko, certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer, support you to improve quality of your life teaching how to move correctly and functionally.

Her training sessions focus on mindful awareness, optimal breathing, functional movements, refined posture, appropriate strength and flexibility. All the movements are combined with stability and mobility. The energy creating any moves comes from the center of you body - core. You will feel how your body interacts and flow with your mind awareness.

Born in Japan, Kuniko recently established the Exquis private fitness studio in Pittsburgh PA. She started to teach movement exercises when she moved to the most health conscious city in the US, San Francisco. However her original culture of Zen is her roots for mindful movement coaching. Additionally, her open minded and positive attitude comes from also her exposures of different cultures and lifestyles as she lived in France, Belgium and South Africa before landing to the US. Kuniko speaks fluently Japanese and French as well as English.